New Credit Card Balance Transfer Alert Service

Who wouldn’t want interest free credit for years and years? In theory that’s possible. You just ensure you sign up for a 0 interest credit card balance transfer every time your 0 interest period expires. But is your bank ever going to actually tell you when the expiry date comes round? Usually not, except in the small print. The 0 balance transfer credit card is not something the banks and credit card companies like reminding people of.

But all that is about to change. Technology can do a lot to simplify the way we handle our interest free balance transfer credit card accounts. If only we could remember exactly when the 0 interest balance transfer credit card period is about to elapse we could ensure 0 interest, free credit card use for a long time.

That’s where the Internet’s new Credit Card Balance Transfer Alert service comes in. Whenever a customer orders a credit card from this site they can send off what is known as an autoresponder. This will then tell the customer when the interest free period is due to expire. An email will arrive a week or so before the zero interest credit card time is up, thus allowing enough time for a 0 interest balance transfer to a fresh account.

This could be a 6 month interest free credit card or a 9 month interest free card. In some cases there also exist 12 month interest free credit cards where the balance transfer can take place over just a few days.

In extreme cases there also exist cards where the interest free period can be as long as 15 or 16 months, but these are very rare.

CEO Gordon Goodfellow says ‘We already have hundreds of very satisfied customers on our credit card balance transfer alert service. Lots of eople seem to like the simplicity of it. Who among us can remember a specific date just like that? In effect it means that our customers never have to pay for even one day’s interest being charged. It’s like having a 0 APR credit card for as many years as there are transfer offers.

‘Our records are updated electronically every time a new credit card with 0 APR offer comes along, so nobody misses out. The website gets data directly from the card providers to our customers. You can transfer your balance to a fresh card within minutes of getting the email alert. It’s that simple to use.’

Best of all, the Credit Card Balance Transfer Alert Service is completely free.